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Welcome to the IBEW/NECA Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System (ERTS). This new system has been designed to primarily assist plan participants (most of whom are IBEW members), in requesting the transfer of pension and health & welfare money (contributions) back to their home funds no matter where they may be working.
We believe that ERTS will make it a lot easier for all concerned (Plan Participants, Fund Offices, and assisting Local Union (LU) Offices) by affording the timely and accurate transfer of information from fund to fund and provide a link to the funds which allows funds, to interface with an automated clearing house and transfer money from fund to fund electronically.
To logon to ERTS, Participating Funds must first sign up to participate in ERTS by signing a separate service provider contract with the ERTS service provider. Then, each non-participant user of ERTS at every fund must personally sign an agreement to preserve the confidentiality of participant information (Confidentiality of Employee Information). Local Unions will be able to logon and assist in the operation of ERTS after each person who will be using ERTS at the assisting LU also has signed this Confidentiality of Employee Information agreement. Funds and LU's will be issued a userID and password by the Reciprocal Administrator once they have met the above requirements.
Individual participants (traveling employees) must initially register on ERTS in person (with photo identification) at an assisting LU Office or a Fund Office. At that time they must sign the Participant Verification Page thereby agreeing to both the approved Authorization and Release(s) regarding reciprocal transfers under the Agreement(s) and the legally binding effect of utilization of an electronic signature on ERTS. Once they have completed their initial registration, participants will receive their userID and password in the mail at the address provided when they register with ERTS. After that they will be able to logon via the Internet from any location using their userID and password.
[When you login through this page you then will be directed to the appropriate area on ERTS based on your userID and Password]

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